Youtubers Life Wikia
Youtubers Life Wikia

CPM is the value of your videos, the more, the more your videos get income. But first, Networks have CPM and you will have to join Networks for higher income.

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand, this means that if you get 1k views, you get $1, $10 for 10k, and so on.


Network CPM Tip
Basic 1$ per 1k This is your first source of income, the only wise choice is to keep making videos. And U-Tube only gives you this after your 100 subscribers.
LineTube/D-Vision 2$ per 1k This is where things get interesting, these both have the same CPM and they're good options for the Luxury Apartment.
TotalMedia 3$ per 1k At this point, you might want to keep making videos because with this crazy CPM, you even have the chance to make $600 and above. So make sure to keep making videos daily.
Maximina 4$ per 1k This becomes even more crazier because you have a good chance of making $1k for this but unfortunately it really wants you to attend Events or complete Assignments so it's better to make lots of videos in a week before you get kicked out!
Widebans 5$ per 1k This is the ultimate network and offers the most, and you will have to make the most out of it, because you can make the most money, even millions! And is giving the hardest so make sure you stay in Maximina or below before you're ready for the challenge ahead of you.


  • CPMs weren't implemented until v1.4.