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The HAL PC is the Standard computer you start out with in Youtuber's Life and it constantly breaks and costs you $20.00 to repair

If you took a computer knowledge course you can repair it for free if it's durability is above a certain level

A broken White Case USB 2.0


  • If you let the computer break down, you shall have to replace it and pay $10, but the cost increases when it get broken more.
    • Your specs will also affect how it will cost, till the point to where you bought all the specs it becomes obvious that it will likely cost more than $1000.
  • If your computer is breaking down, your videos will start to slow down uploading, affecting the fanbase of your games.
  • If your computer is broken, your videos will no longer upload and no videos to edit, and as always, it is best to fix your PC at the fastest time possible.
  • HAL came from the name IBM
  • The HAL PC is permanent