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Making videos is a central aspect of gameplay in Youtubers Life. It's both your main source of income and required to complete tasks.

Taking video clips

Taking video clips is as simple as clicking on the computer, the television or the games shelf and selecting "Choose game" or "Make new gameplay video". This will bring up a menu allowing you to choose the game and video type, which will in turn queue up a "Make a video" action, which, unlike most other actions, can be paused and restarted, provided you haven't actually started playing. Each video clip you make requires a reaction card (and hence one or more lightbulbs) and is gives points in one or two out of four areas: Acting, Script, Sound and Post-Production. Your reaction card determines which areas the video clip gives points in. Video clips also have a short description (such as "You start recording" or "Summary of the game") which determines which emotion is most strongly associated with that clip. The emotions are happy, angry, serious and silly. Using a reaction card with an emotion which matches the clip gives a bonus point in the areas that reaction card gives points in, while using a reaction card which is opposite to that emotion loses a point in those areas, which means that it's possible for a reaction card to score no points at all. Video clips can also be taken at events by clicking on your character and selecting "Make vlog". The video clips for vlogs take the same reaction cards but have different descriptions.

Editing videos

Editing videos is the process of arranging raw video clips and putting effects on the video. Each video clip has at least one of outward arrows and inward arrows. Arranging the clips so that outward and inward arrows match up gives a higher editing score. You can also apply effects. Each effect gives a certain number of points in one of the categories and costs a certain number of rendering points.

The process of making a video can be paused here if there's something else you need to do.


Once you've finished making the video, it's time to see how well you did. You will be scored in three areas: Content, Video Quality and Editing, as well as given an interest percentage. A higher interest percentage will result in more views, while better scores in the other categories result in more likes and subscribers.

You will also acquire experience points in the skills you used while making the video (both recording clips and editing the videos).

Once your scoring is complete, you have the option to upload your video or retire it. Uploading it takes time, both to render and to actually upload it, which entirely prevents the use of the computer while retiring it loses all the work you just put in. But experience will be kept. When the video uploads, you will be able to chat, use the store, and use your computer.